Sunday, June 24, 2007

This Blog Needs Help

With all the fabulous minds looking at this site as I blog the Podcasters Across Borders meeting...I ask you, how can I improve the look of this blog? Yeah, aside from buying my own domain which I have done but haven't moved to yet for various reasons, how can I improve the LOOK?

Currently this is a pre-canned Blogger template. It looked cool 3 years ago when I picked it, but doesn't fit the bill now. I would like a site that pulls together this blog, a CV which I can update with a listing of papers, talks, both past and upcoming. Also, something more readable and accessible. I really hate the current colours and font because they are difficult to read. I have adjusted them which has helped a little, but not enough.

If anyone has a simple solution which I can host myself, I would appreciate hearing it. Basically it comes down to a lack of good design skills. I know what I like, but I cannot create it. Once created, I can update the site...I do have some basic Dreamweaver and HTML skill.

Thanks a bunch!



Scott said...

I know the feeling ... I keep talking about overhauling mine completely

Anonymous said...

Connie, your blog is great already ... very informative and good content!

Meg said...

I think the blog still looks fairly clean and modern, and it helps that you picked a template that not everyone uses.

That said, I'm personally fond of sites that use tabs across the top for the different elements--blog, site, CV, about, whatever--leaving the sidebar for links within each section. The Apple website seems a quintessential example of the tabs at top. Unfortunately, it's something I've been envisioning for my own blog/site for awhile without having gotten any closer to figuring out how to design or implement it!

Unknown said...

Connie - I agree with what Meg said. I like the looks of your site, and if there were tabs across the top - it would be wonderful. Maybe your perception of your site is skewed because you see it all the time, whereas, we, your readers, see it less often than you? Good luck with whatever you do.