Friday, October 02, 2009

Law Librarian Podcast: Social Media and Law Libraries

Today's episode of the Law Librarian podcast will be recorded at 3 pm ET or 12 noon PT on Blogtalkradio. Our topic today will be social media and law libraries. Join us live (listen via the website --headphones recommended at the office) and call in with questions, or listen to the recording later. I will be participating in this episode. Richard Leiter hosts with his new co-host Marcia Dority Baker.

Incidentally, I was away during the last recording on September 3rd but have had a listen. The focus of the episode--"What's Real in the Real World?"--was on resources used in law firm libraries, and the discussion between academic and private law librarians regarding what is needed for legal research training for law students piqued my interest.

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