Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hi Folks! A bit of update with links

I'm just touching base. Life is, not surprisingly, a bit hectic at the moment.

I have been playing with all those social networking tools, getting ready for the Social Networking Tools workshop I will be running at FIS PLC on August 9th. Incidentally, the course is now half full. There is very limited space, so please sign up soon to avoid disappointment!

Like half of Toronto, I finally got onto facebook and of course have spent time connecting to others I have found. I am amazed: in a week and half, I have collected almost as many contacts as I have accumulated in LinkedIn over a year and a half. Wow. The two spaces are extremely different. Notably, facebook has a more informal feel and is more focussed on groups. There is more communication between individuals on many different levels, although a lot of it is superficial communication on both systems. Very much along the lines of "continuous partial attention."

Looking on the fully engaged attention side, last night I attended my first CaseCamp. We saw the social media/marketing case presentations for Yamaha motorcycles, BMW Canada, Specialized bicycles, and blogTO. There was a definite transportation theme there, especially considering blogTO is handing out some pretty nifty maps around the city. Incidentally, blogTO is related to Beyond Robson in Vancouver and Midnight Poutine in Montreal. There were about 200 people in the room. I ran into a number of other social media types I know from other communities (it's all one community, I think), and met a few more.

Also, I received an invite into the social networking side Melcrum's Communicators' Network which is intended for marketing and communications types. It is small but international in scope and growing.

What else have I been up to? I wrote a summary of all the various social network groups I have found that law librarians in Toronto might be interested in for the TALL Newsletter. I was asked by one of the editors to contribute something since she has found some of my blog posts about these groups interesting. It was kind of fun to actually list them all out and figure the connection between the groups, since one tends to inspire another and many people tend to move between the groups.

At work I have been thinking a lot about customer service and client relations. That is reflected in a number of links I have just published to my linkblog--check it out.


Anonymous said...


It's definitely a challenge not only learning how to use all of these tools in the first place, but then having the time to continue to use them later on!

Your one-day workshop in August looks fantastic!

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks so much, Bryan. And I'm looking forward to your session on managing all the social media at Podcasters Across Borders next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie--it was great seeing you at both mesh07 and CaseCamp recently (thanks for saving me that primo seat!).

As the person who invited you into The Communicators' Network, I thought I'd give you an update on growth. Last I heard, there were around 2,000 registrants (just three-plus weeks old and still in the soft-launch beta stage, with virtually no publicity except for word-of-mouth and some blog comments...the main launch will be later on when the knowledge management and rating functions kick in, towards the end of this month).

You're right about the international scope. Melcrum's customer base comprises more than 90 countries, and right now 40 plus representatives of those countries are registered in TCN.

Because the collaborative blog I participate in is also international in scope (as well as in contributors), we've chosen to set up a (private) group on TCN as well. It's providing us with a discussion forum that crosses time zones, plus a repository for archived offline discussions, decisions and materials.

I hope your U of T workshop fills up, as based on personal experience I think you would make for a most informative and interesting presenter.

Best regards,
Judy Gombita