Saturday, June 23, 2007

Podcasters Across Borders: Managing Your Social Media

Podcasters Across Borders
Kingston, June 23, 2007

Managing Your Social Media
Bryan Person

blogging, podcasting, facebook, twitter, linkedin, RSS, Google tools..... can't use all of these and remain effective

first thing in the morning:
  • reads email
  • reads twitter
  • reads facebook
  • reads RSS reader
  • checks calendar for the day as to what he has to do
This is his routine.

There are times when you have to eliminate the distractions. If all these messages are coming at you, you cannot focus. You have to set some time to unplug from them and be productive.

Set specific time to goof off and play with the social media.

Use tags in your RSS reader to locate all of the posts on the one subject e.g. PAB2007 without visiting all of the individual sites - anything someone has tagged will come to one place.

You have to make tough decisions. You have met 50 interesting people this weekend - do you really need to subscribe to all of their feeds? Unsubscribe from it - you don't have to tell them. Limit the amount of information coming in to you every day. It is okay to skip an episode of a podcast. We feel attached when we really know someone - we want to listen to every episode, but sometimes we can't. You can always go back to listen.

Whether you use Google Reader, Bloglines, netvibes, who can you take off to make it a more manageable list for you?

Who is important to you? E.g. Mitch Joel is going to tell you everything about marketing; Chris Brogan is big into online communities and video - Chris is going to tell you about anything good
- he trusts these people, they are part of his network, and he lets them curate what he needs to know

Services for podcasters - leave yourself audio messages/record something when you think of it.
jott - you have to check it at least every 30 days so you don't lose your access

Julien Smith says: don't check your email first. Do other things first or you will find half the day gone.

Bryan Person: In your RSS readers: "Mark all as read" is very liberating

Chris Penn: Set up filter in your Gmail so that all the messages on any topic are together.

Wayne MacPhail - I Want Sandy - like a personal assistant - Turns your telephone into a productivity tool - tag things e.g. personal, telephone messages

Mitch Joel: If you are bad at getting back to voicemail messages, leave a message telling people that the email is the quickest way to get in touch with him, that he is not good at returning.

Donna Papacosta: pad of paper and pen. Old skool solution!

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Thanks for the show/conference notes. I wanted to try out K7, but couldn't remember the URL