Saturday, June 23, 2007

Podcasters Across Borders: Podcasting and Education

Podcasters Across Borders
Kingston, June 23, 2007

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Podcasting and Education
Moderator: Jim Milles
Dave Brodbeck
Charles Cadenhead
Vivan Vasquez
Andrea Ross

Dave Brodbeck does a lecturecast, and a home recorded show for kids called Why?

Charles Cadenhead - records the whole lecture, but then chops it up based on topics rather than posting the whole thing ("chunking"). He has also starting to do an audio FAQ to teach his students how to do their own recordings. He has also started a podcast for teachers.

Andrea Ross - Just One More Book - podcast to draw attention to children's books they think aren't getting enough attention. They also highlight interesting ideas in children's literature and literacy. Attract parents, teachers, librarians, book retailers. They have also found publishers listen to learn about their peers. Also used in academic settings as a resource for courses and programs. e.g. ESL program in Hong Kong. Their podcast isn't built for children, but they do get child listeners. Children send in their own book reviews.

Vivian Vasquez - CLIP Podcast - "critical literacy in podcast" - power of language, use of language - started after PAB2006 - had to imagine new ways of addressing work she was already doing. What does critical literacy look like in school settings as well as in home settings? She uses it in her own teaching as part of her required "reading" list. The show is also a space for her students to complete assignments, so they will record segments on various topics. Also used for development workshops, and in teaching parents. As an academic, she has to teach, engage teachers, and provide service.

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