Saturday, June 23, 2007

Podcasters Across Borders: Marketing Toolkit

Podcasters Across Borders
Kingston, June 23, 2007

Marketing Toolkit
Chris Penn and Mitch Joel

Companies and organizations are currently playing catch up with their websites, trying to make things current. Building communities is the “new thing”; add it in now, it will be big shortly.

Keep track of who your users are--building your audience and tracking it. Chris Brogan: “We live or die on our database.”

Google, word of mouth (if you are tapped into your community), LinkedIn, activism and presence are combined - facebook, twitter, etc.

If your content stinks, it doesn’t matter what you do to market it.

Marketing - what you do to get people to your show.

e.g. Spider from MySpace - you can see who your friends are, and they provide you with the details

As a networker, you need to understand social networks. Start a blog. 90% of some groups in Ireland are on Beebo.

Go into MySpace, track your podcast. Try something, and see how it affects your numbers a week later. Keep going: this is creating a momentum. On MySpace you don’t have to be someone’s friend to see their content.

Each platform has its own database. Most people in the room here are on LinkedIn and on Facebook. Everyone in this room should be linking with each.

Start by getting an email address from the individual--goal is to ask people to sign up to your newsletter. People can sign up for an RSS feed, but you have no control of whether they read.

Get them into LinkedIn and your other spaces.

Joseph Thornley’s question: how would you feel if a marketing person was saying this?

Jay Moonah
: he started communities for Coors; they have a huge number of people who signed up, knowing this is for a company.

Mitch Joel: Dorito’s has hundreds of groups by fans. Why are they not engaging this group?

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Thanks for the notes Connie. I always feel like Will Ferrell in Old School during the debate scene - it's like I passed out when I was speaking ;)

I am happy to see that I did, indeed, have some lucid moments ;)