Thursday, February 10, 2011

PodCamp Toronto - February 26 & 27, 2011

I have been involved in PodCamp Toronto since it started in 2007, and have been part of the organizing team since 2008. Check out the video below, and the description below it by Daniele Rossi.

I hope you will consider joining us over the weekend! More details at

Introducing PodCamp Toronto 2011! from PodCamp Toronto on Vimeo.
We are excited to be producing a video podcast for PodCamp Toronto this year! Here’s our first episode giving a brief overview of what the event is all about and to encourage you - yes YOU - to participate and sign up for a speaking session.

This episode is hosted by 4 members of the enthusiastic organizing committee, Mark Van Tol, Connie Crosby, John Leschinski and yours truly, Daniele Rossi. A special thanks to videographer Andrey Tochilin who did a fantastic job with this first episode!

You can subscribe to the PodCamp Toronto video podcast RSS feed (information on or watch right here on Vimeo.

If you shoot and upload videos (and other content) during PodCamp Toronto, please tag them with #pcto2011 and release under Creative Commons.

We hope to see you at PodCamp Toronto 2011!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Talking Twitter

I've been on Twitter pretty much forever. Well, since March 2007 anyway. Four years! So forgive me if I forget to share lessons about Twitter as I go along. To me it has just become a mainstream form of communication, to connect with people in my life and get to know others I haven't met yet. It is a fantastic resource for many aspects of my life and work. And yet, I get into a rut using the same tools and not exploring what is new.

I want to share a couple of interesting blog posts from today that nicely pull together some Twitter thinking and Twitter tools:

From Charlene Burke (@charleneburke), a fellow member of AIIP, she describes the tools she uses for Twitter searching in 12 Twitter Search Tools. I had only used a few of these, so I thought this list to be particularly valuable. She says this is culled from a list of 60 tools that she uses to search Twitter--wow! I appreciate that she has shared her favourites.

Yesterday Twitter sent out a little list by email to subscribers telling us a few uses for Twitter. Well, three uses. It seemed a little underwhelming. So, social media communications whiz  Dave Fleet (@davefleet) has jumped in to fill the gap with *his* version in 25 Suggestions for How to Use Twitter. I'm trying to think if there any ways I use Twitter that he hasn't already covered off....

So, how are you using Twitter? What tools are you finding invaluable? Anything new and cutting edge I should try??