Saturday, June 23, 2007

Podcasters Across Borders: Getting Your Podcast Seen

Podcasters Across Borders
Kingston, June 23, 2007

Getting Your Podcast Seen (as well as heard)
Julien Smith

Many people who trust Google click on "I'm Feeling Lucky". You need to get your show at the top ranking on Google to find the audience who is looking for your content.

How to get Google to care about your podcast.

Whatever your podcast is, you have to be on Google because otherwise nobody cares. If you do not put yourself directly in front of people, they will pass you by. They are too busy.

1. become more than a podcaster

  • become a native web user
  • need to go deeper into the web and realize there are people in many places
  • become a web producer - communicate with people e.g. on forums
  • you are in important voice in your own niche. You have a lot to say in your area of expertise, but people just don't know it yet.
You need to own your own domain. This gives you control. If you have blogspot, libsyn or other hosted domain, you don't own your content, you don't have control.

e.g. Grow See This - gardening podcast

Searching Google for "gardening podcast" it does not come up on the first page. Google has to see those words on the page.

Tools that will help you determine what people are searching for:

Google is not the only thing to pay attention to, but it is important.

Is your site just a podcast, or is it other things? Is it also a gardening journal for example? Use to see how many people looking for gardening journal.

Google is one of the sites with the most trust out on the web.

Write for human beings, not for search engines. Start putting in words. For example, start typing in descriptions of the videos.

Blogs to read regularly:
SEOBook - everyone with a website should be subscribing to this blog.

Look at your statistics e.g. Google Analytics - you should have this on your site to get an idea of who is visiting, why do spikes occur, how people find your site through search engines.

Number of people who watch his show from the time he didn't care about this to the time he did care about this has increased exponentially. Easy to overlook as a podcaster. If you don't care, you will be missing out. This is an introduction for every podcaster to know, to allow you to continue to thrive and increase your audience.

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