Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two Trainers Trade Technology Trading Tips

Hot from the Internet Librarian International conference, Rob Coers and Michael Stephens have posted their presentation
Two Trainers Trade Technology Trading Tips (PowerPoint, approx. 76 slides). Say that 5 times fast! Heh. I had a quick read through, and highly recommend it, especially for those of you looking to teach Web 2.0 applications.

Some things I got from it:

- teach to the top 70%, not the bottom 20% if you want to drive things forward
- get people to try setting up their own blogs, RSS feeds in Bloglines, create their own IM identity in the training sessions
- create a Web 2.0 interest group in your organization to allow people to get together to compare notes and "play"

Some great things here. This is just my interpetation from the slides...I have not looked around to see if anyone has blogged the session.


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