Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've Got Dem Blogger Blues

*Rant on*

Dagnabbit! Blogger has been bothersome today. It wouldn't let me post a particularly long post (and now it is vanished) plus I couldn't look at some other blogs hosted on Blog*spot. I was reading through some of the Blogger forums; it seems there have been periodic server problems and a number of people are frustrated. I usually don't find it too bad other than an occasional glitch that is soon corrected. The Blogger Status page, which can be difficult to pull up in the heat of the moment since there isn't any quick link to it from the main website, doesn't help much. Last post was Oct. 21st saying they were having server problems which would be fixed soon. Gah.

I dunno...blogs are supposed to facilitate communication, and corporations can use them to keep their customers in the loop when something isn't quite working. The shoemaker's children have no shoes in this case....Blogger doesn't seem to *quite* get that they should be communicating this stuff to us a little more effectively. Meanwhile, they burble on about other stuff in Blogger Buzz which *is* easy to find. Okay, well, when Blogger isn't working, even that blog is difficult to access.

*Rant off*

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