Monday, October 30, 2006

How do you learn to research law (for library staff)?

The article I discussed in my last post spurred on a question from one of its readers, a student out of B.C. looking to learn how to do legal research. She has started a library techniques diploma but is wondering where to go next, if there are any courses on legal research or what else to do. I have suggested she speak with her instructors about courses or people in the field closer to her geographic location she might meet with.

I have just thought I should mention the fantastic Legal Research on the Web course being taught next spring by Clare Mauro out of the Professional Learning Centre at FIS to her.

Any other suggestions out there??



Unknown said...

Another likely web spot for those who like to read and learn is Catherine Bests' excellent resource:, Best Guide to Legal Research<\a> which offers strategies forlegal research as well as links to information sources.

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks, shaunna!

c.b. said...

I haven't even started my Lib Tech Program and I'm already thinking . . . yeah, this sort of specialization -- law, med, business -- should be included as a prog option.

Beside the point. You ask for B.C. local suggestions. A quick search turns up following:

For basic info to give some background try UBC & UVIC Law Lib Research Resources at


You may be most interested in the free in person training sessions are held regularly at the Vancouver Courthouse Library
Yeah, free . . and you even get a certificate. I'll bet they can also hook you up with some more serious research coursework.

Good luck!

P.S. Please post back here at some future point if you find more local, B.C. lower-mainland resources. I may be following in your footsteps.

Connie Crosby said...


Thanks for the suggestions!


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