Thursday, October 26, 2006

Access 2006 - Audio Now Available

Thanks to a link from OLITA, I learned that the Access 2006 conference held in Ottawa earlier this month has now posted audio from the sessions. See: Speakers and Podcasts

Don't know what Access is? I didn't either until I heard about it recently from an attendee. Here is the description:

The conference is an eclectic group of technically savvy people who get together every year to share fresh challenges, projects and solutions related to advances in information and library communities.

It is a single stream conference with limited attendance, which provides ample opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

Common touchstones at the conference include:

- customized web applications and search interfaces
- open source software
- national and provincial consortiae initiatives
- information policy
- digital media
- library catalogue innovations
- end user searching behaviours
- metadata

It is Canadian based and seems to have had conferences since 1997. Sounds right up my alley! I hope to spend some more time exploring the site and listening to the sessions.


Michael Lines said...

Hey Connie,

Next year's ACCESS is in Victoria. Neil has already signed me up for the planning committee apparently. Maybe we'll see you there!

Connie Crosby said...

Victoria sounds fantastic, Michael. I was trying to find info about next year's meeting on the site but couldn't see it.

It will have to depend on the timing. I'm co-chairing a conference here in Toronto - NE2007: Libraries Without Borders and so expect to be up to my eyeballs in conference wrangling myself at that point.

Maybe 2008!