Monday, October 23, 2006

Internet Librarian 2006

Are you, like me, sitting at home wishing you could be in Monterey at the Internet Librarian conference? Well, now you can play along remotely! Just check the following links periodically, and you too can feel like you are really there. Well, maybe not. But at least you can sort of know what is going on:

Advanced players: sign up for the RSS feeds on the respective sites with your RSS reader.


Jocelyn said...

I was in Monterey last weekend (I live in the Bay Area, and my boyfriend and I got away for a few days to de-stress) and saw tons of people with library-theme sweatshirts on wandering around.

I wish I could go back for the conference this weekend, but I have too much work to do to get away again. Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

I actually put together an OPML for the advanced players with all of the necessary RSS feeds - of course the conference is now over and I'm a bit late in letting you know - but here you go. Internet Librarian OPML.

Connie Crosby said...

Well, Nicole's message above sent me on a little hunt to find out what the heck an OPML is. It appears to be a way of pulling a number of feeds together at once for an aggregator. When I opened up my Feedreader software, I had to select the option "Import OPML" to get it to work.

I also noticed an option "Export OPML" so will have to play with that to see if it allows me to create OPMLs myself.