Saturday, May 28, 2005

Paper Chase worth staying up for

I've always loved The Paper Chase in all its forms: book, TV series, and especially movie. Tonight the movie is on and it brings back lots of memories from high school. This was my first glimpse into what university would be like (albeit Harvard law school!). Would we have such large classes, ruthless professors, and difficult relationships with our fellow students? Would we be driven to near-insanity by the workload? Well, I guess we tried our best to make it thus, but thankfully the film is far more dramatic.

I especially enjoyed the scene with the two students moving into an hotel room just before exam time. They send away the TV, and study their brains out for two days straight. The hotel cleaning staff: "They don't want their room cleaned. Nobody's seen 'em and they've been in there two days. Something funny's going on." When I was in school I always fantasized about booking myself into an hotel to help me focus on my studies. For some reason residence never really felt like that hotel room.... Fortunately I was also spared study groups and having to construct course outlines. 8-)

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