Monday, May 09, 2005

My CALL 2005 Presentations

I will be making a short presentation about my blog at the upcoming CALL conference. I will be talking about why I started blogging, benefits I have seen, and where blogs are going in the future. All in five minutes! It is part of the "Cool Things I am Doing in My Law Library" session on Monday. See: Program - CALL/ACBD 2005 Annual Conference - Monday May 16, 2005.

I have also created a related poster presentation, called "Anatomy of a Blog". I finished creating that last night, and think it looks pretty good for my first attempt at a poster. It will hopefully be printed out for me in 3 ft X 4 ft size tomorrow. Can't wait to see it! I chose a simplified look at a blog, both the public screen and the behind-the-scenes administrative screens. Since it uses this blog for the screen shots, it therefore has a focus on Blogger features. It will allow me not only to talk about how easy it is to set up a blog with Blogger, but will also allow me to discuss other features available in packages such as WordPress and Typepad. For anyone who is currently blogging, I doubt there will be anything new; however, I find a lot of people are still not familiar with all of this so will be a good starting point for discussions.

If you are at the CALL conference, do drop by my poster. I hope to get it set up Saturday afternoon. I look forward to your questions and feedback.


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