Friday, May 06, 2005

Blog Software for Law Firms

From "Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs", this post is interesting: Which blog software best for law firms?. Kevin O'Keefe recommends the use of WordPress or Moveable Type for firm use. He says Blogger is fine for personal and social journaling, but WordPress and Moveable Type are more professional. Also, they may allow for taking an RSS feed from the firm blog and posting it to a firm's website. Both of these applications require technical set up and periodic installation of updates. As he says, you wouldn't use a Yahoo or AOL e-mail address for work, why would you use a free application for work blogging? It's good to learn on the free "amateur" applications, but when using it on a professional level, get the professional application. I tend to concur, but have yet to move away from Blogger myself. Maybe someday soon!

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