Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm now updated

Last night I added my updated photo. But wait, there's more! I spent tonight working on the column to the right, finally giving you direct access to my feed once again, adding links for sites I refer to frequently, and list of blogs I like to read now and then. Of course, it took several hours only because I had to read through all of the latest on each of them since I hadn't read them in a while.

Still to do: add statistics counter; list of blogsearch links (esp. for those with which I'm listed); and as per the last post, improve the printability.

All of this is in preparation for the "Cool Things" session at the upcoming CALL conference. I have five minutes to talk about my blog. My focus will be: why I started blogging, what benefits I have seen, and where I see blogs going in the near future. For anyone into blogs, most of it won't be news; however, I figure it will be personal. I'm hoping to also put together a little bibliography of recent papers and articles on blogging.

They've also suggested I do a poster session to accompany this presentation so I can speak individually with people. I have an idea for that, but want to keep it under wraps until it's actually put together. You know, just in case I decide to go in a different direction.

Well, time to pack it in. It's been a busy day; in addition to my usual workout and lunch-with-the-gang routine, had to hunt down a fleece for CALL (in St. John's) and office supplies (bought a new colour toner cartridge finally) and signed up for the SLA conference at the last minute i.e. just before the early bird pricing ended. Back to the gym in a few short hours (spinning at 9:30 am), and then groceries and continuing on with the PowerPoint for the presentation. Oh well, the housework will have to wait yet again. Oh, but I got the laundry done as I've been sitting here. I've got that going for me.

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