Thursday, May 19, 2005

Final Day CALL 2005 - quick summary

This morning's AGM was well-attended. We had a by-law amendment to allow for electronic voting; a resolution (the content of which I should probably allow to be publicized by more official means); and messages from the various associations represented (AALL, BIALL, the Australian law libraries group, New Zealand Law Libraries, and SLA - Legal Division were represented). A public thank you was made to the 2005 Conference Planning Committee, and the 2006 Committee made a splash for their city, Edmonton. They showed us the entertaining film Edmonton: The Movie. Then they had us all sing an Edmonton folk festival favourite, Ian Tyson's Four Strong Winds which nicely tied in with the theme, "Four Strong Winds: Leadership, Resources, Innovation, Expectations". Perhaps they will be holding more singsongs in Edmonton?? We then had an entertaining entrance by new CALL President John Sadler in his sou'wester. I'm afraid my photographs in this area are sorely lacking!

After the coffee break we enjoyed a panel discussing reference tools: how to conduct reference with someone at a distance; an academic review/study as to how reference research has changed since 1985 when electronic resources became more prevalent; top 10 non-legal resources for the law librarian. All speakers, Caroline Hyslop, Holly James and Lindsay Glynn, were excellent.

After that, a number of people shipped out; however, I was surprised to see how many are staying around to spend some personal time either around St. John's or around Newfoundland. Pairs of familiar faces could be seen strolling around the Duckworth and Water Streets in the early evening.

Vanessa and I had dinner in a local pub this evening, having barely seen each other during the whole conference. We agreed, however, that we've had an excellent experience here. Despite the cold! Fortunately the sun was still shining (even while the fog rolled in) as we walked around.

I hope to post more photos soon, but have run out of all that energy this evening. I am heading back home tomorrow afternoon. Vanessa is off on a boat to see the puffins and then will be touring the island for several days. I am envious! However, at this point it will be quite wonderful to see home (whatever state it is in, Mom) and sleep in my own bed.

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