Friday, May 13, 2005

Hello from St. John's!

Arrived about 4:45 yesterday. Mild weather, not much cooler than Toronto, but foggy. Today is cooler still, about 7 C, with rain and possibility of snow.

We had a good flight over; they said it would be rough, but seems to me it was actually quite smooth. Several of our colleagues were on the same flight. Also most of the band Blue Rodeo, on their way to do a few concerts on the Rock, playing at Mile One Stadium here in St. John's tonight. Jim Cuddy was actually sitting with me and Marty. I think there might be a joke in there somewhere....a country/pop band and some law librarians were on a flight to Newfoundland... Oh, never mind.

We found a nice spot for dinner last night, the Thymestone Cafe on Duckworth Street. It was pricey for St. John's, but we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. And we had the place to ourselves at 7 pm on a Thursday evening. I had a lovely squash/roasted vegetables soup, and the wild mushroom ravioli Marty had was to die for. For our main courses I had the special, a cod and salmon combo and Marty had "surf and turf". We were both very pleased with our choices. Portions were a good size but not too big. Anyone here at the conference looking for a nice meal, I would highly recommend it. The soups, salads and appetizers in particular sound exquisite. Marty says the Thymestone Cafe is a relatively new place since it wasn't here last June when he was last here. Hopefully it is here to stay.

Well, I look forward to seeing some of you arrive on Saturday, and for others hopefully I will get the photographs working shortly.


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Connie Crosby said...

Well, I have been told and also since found out that Thymestone's is not expensive in St. John's terms. Prices are generally higher here than I am used to in Toronto. Also found some other marvelous restaurants. I especially enjoyed a dinner I was treated to at Bianca's. Will have to come back and explore more!