Sunday, February 03, 2008

Jordan S. Hatcher - Lawyer, consultant and blogger

I always like discovering blogs that are new to me in areas that show a unique perspective. Jordan S. Hatcher is a lawyer specializing in the IT world, working as a consultant on copyright and content issues. He has at least a couple of interesting blogs:
This is the blog of Jordan S. Hatcher, a Texas lawyer and legal consultant working in Scotland, the United Kingdom and throughout the European Union. This blog covers intellectual property, copyright, open content, internet law, media law, entertainment law, and related issues with a worldwide focus.
This site has been around for quite a long time — especially in internet years, which generally are longer than dog years. It has, up until recently, mostly been a learning experiment in web design, site administration, and various other web activities.

From the left side-bar on he links to a number of projects he is involved in (including at least one other blog and a wiki). Looks like someone to watch for innovative ideas in the legal space.


Jordan said...

Thank you very much for the profile! One of the projects that you and your readers may be particularly interested in is Open Data Commons. We've been looking, with the funding and support of Talis, at licences for data, including library metadata and well, anything that can be put into a database. Our flagship solution is a public domain dedication that is currently in beta (but to be launched soon) that dedicates the data to the public domain. This would make it clear up front for archivists and information professionals that the data is okay to store and manipulate.

Thanks again for the profile!

Connie Crosby said...

Thank you for the additional information, Jordan. I will have a look at your links.


cristian said...
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