Monday, February 11, 2008

Wikis in Law Firms - Toronto Wiki Tuesday

Please note! Last minute venue change - we will be at Insomnia. Details here.

This month's Toronto Wiki Tuesday will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) night. I volunteered to take the lead on the evening's discussion. I want to talk about two subjects:

- the acceptance of social media by lawyers and, specifically, the use of wikis in law firms; and

- how best to develop a course on wikis

I'm hoping that any members of law firms who are using wikis will drop by give some input.

Details about Toronto Wiki Tuesdays is over at the Blended Perspectivesblog. We meet at Rower's Pub. It's free to attend; food and drink are of course available. Please RSVP at

I hope you'll join us!


a blawger said...

I am hoping to join you at Rower's this evening. As an articling student, I have little control over my time. Hopefully, I can get away. It's a great idea!!


Connie Crosby said...

Thanks, Alastair. Introduce yourself if you do get to drop by.


Bruce Dyson said...

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