Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Venue Change! Toronto Wiki Tuesdays moved to Insomnia Tonight

This last-minute notice from Martin Cleaver:

Hi all,

Re: Tonight's Toronto Wiki Tuesday (Wikis in Legal Firms)

I am really sorry to have to say that I've just discovered Rowers Pub is shut for renovations. We've scrambled and managed to find a place not too far away and have posted a notice at Rowers.

We are at Insomnia, near the corner of Bathurst on Bloor, just east of Honest Ed's. http://www.dine.to/profile_map.php?id=2330

The following map shows that if you walk west 2 blocks from Rowers, north up to Bloor and turn right you will find us...

To give late-comers a chance to find us, we'll start introductions / food at 7pm and start Connie's talk at 7:45pm. (The TikiWiki guys are already at Insomnia with me)

Please do pass on this message and accept my apologies. We'd happily been using Rower's Pub since 2005 without incident. Rowers did apologise profusely but are unable to accommodate us. The only good thing is that Insomnia is just over the road from Bathurst subway, saving you a walk in the cold.

I extend special thanks to Nelson Ko for extra travelling to get a projector at such late notice.

See you tonight,

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