Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Should Law Firms Be Using Wikis?

My colleague Ted Tjaden has raised the question about wikis in law firms over at Slaw. If this question interests you, I invite you over to the discussion (see the comments in addition to Ted's post). I respect Ted's opinion, and believe it to be justified for his particular law firm.

A summary of my viewpoint:

- wikis are one type of tool in the electronic toolbox which you may or may not choose to use;
- not all law firms may want to use wikis, especially if they have robust systems that enable collaboration among groups;
- not all lawyers are in firms that have sophisticated document management, content management, or intranet systems, and for them wikis may be lightweight solutions for certain challenges;
- I am interested in learning if and how wikis are being used so that I can inform others of how they might be used. I do not necessarily say they should be used in every organization.

I would love to have this discussion live tonight at Toronto Wiki Tuesday if anyone wants to come help me debate it.


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