Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sharing Legal Documents - JD Supra Goes Live

In my presentation about the use of wikis in law firms to Toronto Wiki Tuesdays a couple weeks ago, one of the audience members suggested that it was only a matter of time before firms start sharing precedents in some sort of free web system. It put me in mind of JD Supra which I had previewed last September. Well, I am pleased to announce JD Supra has now gone live! This system allows law firms, law schools, sole practitioners and others post documents such as filings, research memoranda, and law firm newsletters to share with others.

I did a larger write-up over on the Slaw blog, but thought I would share a few additional ideas: I was pleased to see that the club has not been made exclusive. Law firms and law schools are the focus, but they also invite in sole practitioners, individual law firms even if their whole firms do not participate, law librarians, legal consultants, and even law bloggers. Wow. It is this kind of forward thinking that is going to build a community of interest around the service and ensure it stays alive.

To that end, they have started a blog called JD Scoop and I was tickled pink to see myself in the blogroll. Well, Steve Matthews helped to work on the web strategy so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Thanks for the "link love"! ;-)

Anyway, do have a look at this system and try it out for yourself. It is free to sign up and free to add documents. And I hope to check in periodically to see how things progress.

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