Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Youth Show Important Leadership in Speaking Out Against Violence

Shootings in Toronto this year have increased significantly, and it seems no one really has a solution. Politicians all talk about how they will "do something" to put an end to illegal guns on the street, but it turns into a political campaign point and there is little they really do or perhaps can do.

This week a senseless "shoot out" took place on a crowded downtown street as shoppers were attending Boxing Day sales. I have been amongst them on that same city block in past years, so this one really hit home, so to speak. A 15 year old girl was killed, and several more people injured.

The one group who have, in my estimation, really stood out during this tragic time are a group of youth who stepped forward by holding a press conference and speaking out against violence. They are courageous young people, showing true leadership and making a whole lot more sense in their suggestions for a solution than many of the politicians. Moreover, I think we cannot put an end to all of this until the youth of the city embrace the need for change and make their peers see the need for change, so their stepping forward is extremely important. I applaud them in their bold actions.

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