Friday, December 16, 2005

Got My Big Hair On, and I'm Ready to Party!

A big tradition in Toronto law firms is to hold big, fancy parties at year end called the "Season Party" or "Festive Party". Much money is spent on food, wine, venues, and glamourous outfits (at least, for the women). This year I opted for something relaxed-but-dressy already in my closet, but spent a little time on my hair, fingers and toes (yes, I've opted for open toe shoes).

I came back to the office from lunch and had a lot of amusing smiles. I'm in jeans and a sweater, but I have the big "whoop-de-do!" party hair. My hairdresser Roland really out-did himself--it's all flippy and fun. It will be difficult not to have a good time with this hair. If this goes well, perhaps next year I will splurge on someone to do the makeup. One of these days I really will be the "complete package"! 8-)


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