Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jeff's KM blog: Notes from KM World 05

Some nice key ideas and quotes from various speakers: Jeff's KM blog: Notes from KM World 05.

This particularly captured my imagination:

Watching vs. searching/RSS readers (Darlene Fichter) – The new trend will to get notification of information sent to you as it is being produced. RSS readers get information that’s coming out now vs. Google searches that historical content.

Rather than telling lawyers and articling students that we are going to show them how to use RSS, we should tell them we are going to show them how to monitor what is being added to the web as soon as it is posted so they can have the latest information before anyone else. A sexier spin, n'est-ce pas?


Jeff Oxenford said...


We've had success getting out customer service people to use RSS readers for monitoring what's happening at their customers.

I'm also using it for tracking any discussion about my blog postings.


Connie Crosby said...

That sounds like a great way to use RSS! Thank you, Jeff.