Thursday, November 24, 2005 Sign-on Troubleshooting Tip

I spent about two hours on the phone with Lexis not so long ago trying to sort out how to sign on to It seemed that, ever since they required us to sign on for new passwords, I wasn't able to get online. Same thing happened to me tonight. Last time my workaround was to use a different machine, but even that didn't work tonight.

Finally I took matters into my own hand and read through the "Error" message that was coming up. It was actually a bit of a trouble-shooting guide, and I worked my way through the list of suggested fixes. I was getting down to the last one and doubtful, but *voila!* it worked.

So, if you similarly are trying to sign on to but are only coming up with error messages, and are using Internet Explorer (I'm on some recent incarnation of 6.0) try this:

-> Select Tools

-> Internet Options
-> Advanced
-> Scroll down to "Security" and make sure all of these are checked off:

- Use SSL 2.0
- Use SSL 3.0
- Use TLS 1.0

-> Click Okay

For me, "Use SSL 3.0" was not checked off. As soon as I did this I was magically able to sign on.

I hope this post is useful to someone! If it is, I encourage you to post a comment or send me an email.


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