Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Is Your Brain Hurting Yet?

I have a lot more content still to come, but it doesn't seem fair to dump it all here all at once. I wish Blogger had a "see more" feature so I could post just part on the main site and allow you to explore more if you wanted to.

I hope you don't mind that I've included the odd screen shot rather than photos of people. I feel uncomfortable using a flash in a smallish room of people, and uncomfortable posting identifiable photos of speakers in the case someone would like to maintain some privacy. At least not without permission.

Late yesterday I finally noticed the water fountains in the conference centre and life has been sweet since then. You will recall I was becoming somewhat--er--parched. I've also been attending fewer sessions so haven't had quite the need for pow-wah.

Today I tried to focus a little more on the trade show which opened last night. I've also been trying to speak with various other people--other "buyers" with more experience, consultants and others. I find it amusing that I continue to run into Torontonians who I did not previously know. Why aren't we just holding the conference in Toronto? Heh.

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