Thursday, November 17, 2005

Where are the internal blog initiatives case studies?

Comment from Jeff Potts, ECM Architect blog: Where are the internal blog initiatives case studies?

It is unfair of me to generalize that because there were no case studies from real corporations Corporate America must not be doing enough to leverage technologies like blogs, wikis, and RSS as a meaningful component of their KM program. And, there were a couple of examples given of companies, like IBM, that are doing this. But this is the KM World conference, is it not? If companies had compelling stories to tell around internal blogging initiatives where would they be presented if not here?

I do feel guilty on this one. Here I am gathering lots of blogging expertise myself, but meanwhile haven't set my organization up with even an experimental blog or two. Not that there isn't interest...I do have people asking for this actually. Perhaps it just feels like setting up blogs isn't really work, and doesn't get top billing when things like budget reports are jumping up and down to get done.

The key, I think, will be tieing it back to the organization's business priorities / requirements. If this helps you immediately accomplish some goals, you will make time for it. It is just a matter of lack of imagination. I have to spend some time thinking about these seemingly disparate things and drawing the connections. I did find some of these sessions helped with that--there were enough suggestions to help me get started.

I wonder if anyone else was inspired?

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Jason Cherniak said...

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