Thursday, June 03, 2004

Welcome to the relaunch of this Blog!

I have taken advantage of several new features in Blogger to bring you this updated blog. In addition to the new look (instead of just 4 choices for design, we now have about 25) I have added the following features:
- readers now have the ability to add comments (look for the "comments" link underneath individual posts);
- links to individual recent posts from the sidebar at the right allows you to actually bookmark individual postings;
- I can now submit posts to the blog via e-mail. If I wanted to make this a cooperative blog, I could give out the secret e-mail address and allow others to post. Great if you are not able to access the web, such as if you are travelling.

As well, since the weekly archives were becoming too voluminous, I have now changed the archives to monthly. I've also changed number of posts on the first page to three days' worth rather than four since I was posting frequently each day and there was a lot to scroll through.

I welcome your comments about the changes! Next I hope to take advantage of the new "profile" feature which allows me to add a little profile of myself in the sidebar. I think we also may be allowed to do some photoblogging, so if I get ambitious might do a little of that also if it is free.



Anonymous said...

Connie, looking good! I am posting Anonymously because I didn't want to have to sign in. Actually, its me, Elda. We spoke after the Blog session at CALL.

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks, Elda. Glad to hear from you, and glad you like it.