Thursday, June 10, 2004

Waxing Poetic about the Silver Screen

My sentimental side is showing today, and it has a big thing to do with my currently watching "You've Got Mail" for about the millionth time. Sappy pop schlock I know, but I love it. I'm a real sucker for Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks films, my other favourite being the wacky film "Joe Versus the Volcano", an odd precursor to "Cast Away".

This one in particular appeals to me because it is both about the world of books, and the world of e-mail and chat. And set in NYC! How can my heart strings not go zing? Even the blatant product placement doesn't disturb me. I must be right in the demographic.

Not to mention everything that Kathleen Kelly (a.k.a. Meg Ryan) espouses sounds a lot like arguments librarians make when trying to prove our necessity. It's just heartbreaking when Fox Books causes the Shop Around the Corner to go out of business. I'm not sure what I take away with it--keep up with the times or risk someone else doing it for you? Hang onto your old values and risk being seen as obsolete? Okay, so it's not necessarily such a nice story. But I still find it watchable every time.

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