Thursday, June 10, 2004

JURIST's Paper Chase

I've seen this website before and came across it again tonight: JURIST's Paper Chase. The name hooked me right off the bat, having been a fan of the book, movie and TV series of the same name back when I was in high school. If I had any inclination to go to law school, enthusiasm for The Paper Chase alone might have propelled me there. All the Professor Kingsfields/John Housemans would not have dissuaded me....

...but I digress. THIS Paper Chase is compiled by Professor Bernard Hibbits and his law students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Latest news is added continuously. Access is in many forms--website (blog), e-mail update, or news feed added to a website or intranet. Worth taking a look.


Anonymous said...

The Canadian version is great too!

I only wish there was an RSS feed for the Canadian JURIST, like the American one has. I would have loved to include it on our law firm Intranet. I asked a few months back when I discovered JURIST Canada, and the administrator said they had no plans to do so. Maybe if everyone writes to them and asks them to, they will?

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks! I didn't notice the Canadian version of Jurist. Here is the link for that one: