Monday, June 14, 2004

PIPEDA legislation changes

We almost missed this, so perhaps others did as well--new regulation under PIPEDA (privacy legislation): Canada Gazette, Part II, Vol. 138, No. 8, April 21, 2004. It came into force on the date registered, March 30, 2004.

There was also a recent amendment made to PIPEDA by Bill C-7 which received Royal Assent on May 6, 2004. The changes made to s. 7 were proclaimed to come into force May 11, 2004. The proclamation was published in Canada Gazette Part II, June 2, 2004 as SI/2004-51.

Also, proposed regs from Canada Gazette Part I, Vol. 138, No. 15 - April 10, 2004:

Organizations in the Province of Alberta Exemption Order

Organizations in the Province of British Columbia Exemption Order

There, I just did everyone's work! 8-)

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