Thursday, June 03, 2004

Some Blog Stats

I have been keeping track of stats on the use of this blog. A few interesting items:
- 158 different people viewed this blog in May.
- The website had on average 9 or 10 visitors a day. On the best day it had 18.
- Most visitors were from Canada and the U.S.. Two have been from other countries (Argentina and Australia).
- A number of people have accessed this page by doing a Google search for terms that have little (if anything) to do with law librarianship. It shows me that, when I post extraneous material not focussed on the specific subject of this blog, it could be leading people astray.

I read somewhere recently that the average blog has 12 readers. These stats show that has been exceeded. By watching the stats I am learning a lot about positioning a website for marketing purposes. That is not the reason for this blog, but it is interesting to note the various developments and build my own understanding of this medium.

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