Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FIS PLC Social Networking Tools Course - Coming Again to Ottawa

I am delighted to announce that, by popular demand, we have added another social networking tools class in Ottawa on June 2nd.

This is a hands-on survey course looking at various social networking tools for library and information professionals. The morning is spent learning about RSS and setting up some feeds in Google Reader, setting up a blog with WordPress , setting up a blog with PBWiki, and learning about social bookmarking by using del.icio.us. We spend the afternoon discussing the tools, and then I give a tour of selected sites (depending on the group) including MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Second Life. The class runs 9 am - 5 pm although usually we manage to get out a little bit earlier.

If you or colleagues have been waiting for this class to return to Ottawa, I encourage you to sign up! I understand a number of seats have already been booked, so don't wait.

Information on registering is on the FIS Professional Learning Centre site: Social Networking Tools: Hands on Learning - Ottawa


bibliojo said...

It is a great class-- If you are interested in learning about Social networking, but haven't had a chance to explore, this is a great introduction to the topic.
You have permisssion to play!
thanks connie!!
Jo :-)

Anonymous said...

I found social networking as a tool which had been primarily designed for social interaction and sharing. You can gain lots of friends and build reputation over the net.