Sunday, January 27, 2008

Podcamp Toronto 2 - Coming Soon!

Last February I attended my first "unconference" in the form of Podcamp Toronto. I had such a great time, learning so much and meeting so many interesting people, that I put my hand up to help organize this year's Podcamp Toronto.

PodCamp Toronto Feb. 23-24 is FREE!

My main focus has been the Podcamp Toronto Blog, and specifically with working on our latest promotional vehicle--you guessed it--the Podcamp Toronto Podcast. We are already up to Episode 7. In it, Sean "Ductapeguy" McGaughey and I talk about the latest news about Podcamp Toronto, while at the same time Sean teaches me about podcasting. And I have been learning. My focus thus far has been learning how to get started, and soon I will be stepping into the slightly more technical realm of recording things myself, editing them and putting them together. Wish me luck!

Enough about me--the REAL highlight of Podcamp Toronto will be the people. And some fantastic folks have already signed up. If you are interested in podcasting or other aspects of new media, you should consider joining us. Podcamp Toronto 2 will be taking place Saturday, February 23 and Sunday, February 24 with the likelihood of some kind of meetup the Friday night before. Registration is free. Podcamp Toronto 2 will again take place at the fantastic facility of Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University at 80 Gould Street in Toronto (Map).

I am particularly excited about a full stream that has been created specifically for the podcaster wannabe or the newer podcaster: Zero to Podcasting or "Z2P". The concept came out of the recent Podcamp Ottawa and is meant to walk folks like me through the process from beginning to successfully podcasting. I hope to attend as much of this as I can as it will help me to put the pieces together.

And there will be lots of other sessions to help more advanced podcasters get to the "next level". If you have experience, please consider leading a session. There is still lots of room for more!

The concept of an unconference is that everyone give a little bit to make it happen, whether that is giving feedback, asking questions, volunteering to work the registration desk, or leading a session.

For my library colleagues, do consider attending if this at all interests you. I see at least a couple of my library cohorts signed up, and I'd love to see more representation from my own industry! Lots of folks ask me how I fit in so many conferences during the year. Here is one event that is interesting, on the weekend so it does not get in the way of weekday at least, close to home for many of us, and best of all the price is right! If you have any questions about what to expect, feel free to drop me a line and I will try to answer your questions.

Not near Toronto? Podcamps are now being held world-wide! Check for more events.

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