Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weblogs - LISWiki

Wow. First off, I didn't realize there is a library and info sciences wiki, but there is-- LISwiki. Then I also didn't know anyone had tried to list all blogs by librarians, and finally I didn't know I was listed in this list. See: Weblogs - LISWiki.

Okay, so I'm really behind the times. 8-)

I encourage you to have a look around and perhaps even contribute some content, even if you don't personally have a blog. Great chance to try out a wiki!



Wendy Reynolds said...

Hey Connie! Have you seen the CLA's project, Info*Nation?

Erica is one of the featured librarians, and it includes a wiki and directory of blogs as well

flexnib said...

Thanks for this! I didn't realise my blog is listed, too!

Hello from Perth, Western Australia! :)

Connie Crosby said...

And you are included on the Info*Nation site, too, Wendy!

Good to hear from you, cw.

Incidentally, in my haste to post I made a broad generalization. I should have said I did not know about *this* wiki, not any wiki.

No doubt I've seen others, but they just didn't come immediately to mind.