Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TALL Site Visit of LexisNexis Canada - Input Needed

The Publishers Liaison Committee (PLC) of the Toronto Association of Law Libraries (TALL) is planning a site visit of LexisNexis Canada in early fall. If you work in a Canadian law library, they are looking for your input! Messages were sent out to both TALL and CALL/ACBD (Canadian Association of Law Libraries) members inviting questions, comments and concerns. The PLC will be looking at all aspects of LexisNexis Canada operations, including both electronic and paper publications/resources.

I spoke today with Louise Hamel who is heading up the project; she tells me she has had little input to date. What a shame, since so many people like to grumble privately. Make a difference and speak up!

These publisher site visits are intended to foster good working relationships between law libraries and publishers, and to better represent the interests of TALL members. The internal operations of the publishers are viewed with the intention of better understanding by the library group. Questions and concerns are raised by the PLC; most are given to the publisher in advance so that any research necessary can be done and a comprehensive response can be given. Finally, a report is written for the membership and the wider law library community to explain any findings and any points of issue that need resolution.

I had the privilege of taking part in the PLC's first site visit, of CCH Canadian Ltd., a number of years ago. The team who made the visit learned a lot about the organization (a lot of it some very positive things) and managed to find resolution to a number of issues. A nice outcome has been the very close working relationship CCH has built with the Canadian law library community, seeking feedback and advice as they evolve products and launch new business schemes. Since that time one other site visit has taken place: Carswell (now Thomson Carswell).

I am delighted that LexisNexis will be having their turn, as I know they have been waiting quite a while to be the focus of TALL's attention. I encourage you to submit your comments to Louise or other TALL PLC rep. If you don't know how to get in touch with one of them, feel free to contact me connieblog@sympatico.ca .

I've given them my comments. Have you??

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