Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rocky Times at Rocketboom

My very favourite video blog, Rocketboom, is going through some very rocky times. It looks like the two creators, Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon, are parting ways and painfully at that. Amanda was the host, but Andrew has majority ownership, so it appears that Amanda will no longer be hosting unless they can get with a mediator and work things out. I am very conflicted as I quite like both of these people.

Something seemed a bit "off" the past couple of weeks. Notably, last week Andrew said they were on vacation and used material from their correspondents, but meanwhile in the comments Amanda stated she was not on vacation.

This week there is a notice posted on the site explaining the situation, presumably a professional spin from Andrew's point of view:

Amanda Congdon has decided to move to L.A. to pursue opportunities that have arisen for her in Hollywood.

We wanted to meet her demands to move production out to L.A., however, we are a small company and have not been able to figure out a way to make it work, financially and in many other ways at this time. While we continue to remain with open arms, Amanda has in fact quit and left Rocketboom. So sadly, we bid Amanda adieu and wish her all the best.

I wanted to get some more background on this, so visited both Andrew's and Amanda's blogs. Nothing new on Andrew's, but on Amanda's is a video episode in which she explains her side of the story. She tries to not look upset and explains (in more professional terms) that she was kicked off the show. I guess the notice on the Rocketboom site was posted after this, and now Amanda has a long response on her site including a letter from Andrew with her responses. She currently has it open to allow comments from fans.

I'm sad to see them airing this in public and feel it can only end badly for both. I do hope they can find a mediator who can help them work things out, although it may be too late to have the old Rocketboom back. This feels to me the end of a video podcasting era.

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