Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Roundup (March 7/08) - An REM video duo

Before I was a book and computer geek, I was a music geek and even DJ'ed for a short period on campus radio. To kick off your weekend (March break?) I offer a couple of REM video selections.

Have you seen their ninetynights promo? Started January 1st, ninety video clips are being released one a day in HD (available for the one day only). Fans are permitted to "remix, remash or otherwise edit" the HD clips. [March 6/08 video removed due to annoyance factor as it played automatically upon entering the blog.]

And here is the song Supernatural Superserious from REM's forthcoming CD Accelerate which REMHQ released via YouTube:

Today's post is dedicated to another REM fan and law librarian, Steven Cohen. ;-)


Steven M. Cohen said...


Nikki Dettmar said...

Beginning to suspect we may be related... I was also a campus radio station DJ (news director too), although in the studio we had a terminal connected to our VAX so the computer geek aspect was already there :)