Monday, March 17, 2008

The Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies

Legal technology experts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell are set to release their new book The Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together through the American Bar Association.

The table of contents (available in PDF form from the description) shows the book covers a wide range of subjects including:
  • collaboration inside and outside the office
  • the initial implementation process including something they are calling the "collaboration audio", setting priorities and getting buy-in
  • the various aspects involved in collaborating on documents
  • collaboration on cases, transactions and other projects
  • various platforms used for collaboration, including email, extranets, intranets, wikis, and a range of other collaboration tools
  • developing a strategy for collaborating
  • practical issues such as ethics, metadata, ownership and control and potential pitfalls
  • scenarios for various types of practices and legal departments
  • creating a collaboration culture
  • resources
This looks like a fantastic resource. Hat tip to Simon Chester for pointing it out over on Slaw.

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Thanks for noticing the book and for your kind words.