Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Winners of Connie Crosby's Big Fat 3rd Blog Anniversary Draw

Thanks to everyone who took part in the little survey in honour of my 3rd blog anniversary!! Everyone who responded is a regular reader, with the exception of one person who described him/herself as someone who reads frequently but not regularly. You all left wonderful comments. I also asked about my portrait photo on this blog, whether it should be changed. 3 of you said to keep it since "it is a classic" (those were my words), 2 of you said it is time to change it, and everyone else said it is up to me. So, I'm not going to go out of my way to have a photo taken just YET, but if I happen to walk in front of a camera, you may see a change sometime in the future..... heh.

Okay, now without further ado! Three winners of NE2007 swag from the yet-to-be-created Cafe Press store were selected randomly from the 18 people who gave me email addresses in the survey (there were more who responded to the survey). Each of the 18 were numbered, and I had Wendy Reynolds pick three numbers in the 1 to 18 range. She could not see the list of email addresses. Each of the winners was sent an email message from me notifying of the win and requesting permission to post their names to this blog.

And the winners are:

Yes, the third person has not yet responded!! And, because I don't have the name of the person (although I have my suspicions who you are), I cannot hunt you down via your work address. If you left your gmail account address, please check to see if there is a message to you from Connieblog! If I don't hear from you tomorrow I will try sending the message again. I'm hoping it didn't get stuck in your spam filter. I will keep trying!

Anyway, congratulations Kathryn and Steve. And thanks to everyone who took part in the draw!!! I appreciate all of your support in this little blogging endeavour of mine, and am thrilled that you are reading along with me. You have made this little milestone very special.


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Steve Matthews said...

Whoohoo! Thousands may beg to differ, but I am a winner! :)