Thursday, March 30, 2006

Information Highways - Now With e-Content!

Now rebranded as the "e-content institute," this year's Information Highways conference is smaller but sleeker... Gone are the halcyon days of yore with sprawling trade shows in the ginormous Toronto Metro Convention Centre. Instead this is a compact show at the Holiday Inn on King with three or four concurrent sessions, and probably about 350 attendees. This was day two of the conference, with seminars by vendors yesterday which I gave amiss.

I have notes to post later on each of the sessions I attended today, but let me give you a quick overview for now. Peter de Jager was keynote speaker talking about change management. I had not heard him speak before, and thoroughly enjoyed his talk. What he said made a lot of common sense, although I had not heard these specific ideas before. I am signed up for a full day workshop tomorrow with him, continuing on the theme of change. Should be good!

Next up were talks on intranet development, the use of wikis in organizations, reducing legal risk in using electronic content and product development, and finally a great session on competitive intelligence.

I saw a number of familiar faces: colleagues from other law libraries, vendor reps, and a friend in a completely different industry presenting at one of the sessions.

I also immediately spotted Dave Hook, The Industrial Librarian, after the keynote address. He looks a lot like his picture (imagine that) so it was fun meeting him face to face and talking with him in person for the first time. We chatted about the Computers in Libraries conference he had just attended, and for which he has been posting blog notes. He was a speaker at both events (CIL and today's) so it was interesting to compare notes on how our blogs have helped to raise our profiles. It was also a pleasure to meet his wife, a fellow blogger going by the handle Canadian Lib Genie. I think that is the first biblioblogging couple I've met!

That's it--gotta rest up for tomorrow. I probably won't be posting too much until the weekend since I'm hosting my bookclub tomorrow night and it would be overly optimistic to think I could fit blogging in sometime between food preparation and my friends arriving at my place. So, do stay tuned for those notes!


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