Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy Has a New Name

The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (CCP) and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (NVO) are pleased to announce that they have come together to create a new organization: Imagine Canada.

Building on the solid work of both CCP and NVO, we've launched a new organization to support Canada's charities, nonprofit organizations and socially conscious businesses and champion the work they do in our communities
See the Imagine Canada website.

They have subscriptions available to access the Canadian Directory to Foundations and Corporations which is also available in paper.

As well, there is the Imagine Canada-John Hodgson Library for your virtual research pleasure.

The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy has long been the best resource for information on charities and giving in Canada. Thanks to Vanessa for pointing out the change!

Sept. 17/07 Update: I have corrected the link to the main website. If you are looking for the press release that announced the change back in 2005, it is on this page under 2005.

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