Monday, February 27, 2006

New School of Information Studies at University of Ottawa

According to this job posting for Director, the University of Ottawa is planning to open a new School of Information Studies in its Faculty of Arts. According to the ad:

We are soliciting candidates with the vision, energy and commitment to lead North America’s first bilingual graduate program educating library, archives and information professionals. This challenge offers the opportunity to contribute to an innovative interdisciplinary program characterized by a management perspective and an accentuated adoption of new information technology. In collaboration with the Deans of the Faculties of Arts and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, other university colleagues, and representatives of major employers of information professionals, the successful incumbent would actively participate in designing course content for on-site and web-based delivery, recruiting new faculty and students, and organizing allocated financial, personnel and physical resources in order to achieve proposed strategic initiatives and business plan outcomes.

One can only imagine other positions will follow. And this at a time when the Faculty of Information Studies at U of T is still conducting its faculty search for five new members.

The additional qualification of bilingualism may just make this new faculty a little difficult to get off the ground....

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rakerman said...

They're targetting September 2007, according to the presentation I saw last fall

Council of Federal Libraries 2005 - 13:45 - proposed School of Information Studies at University of Ottawa