Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Out of the Jungle: Library Salaries

In a recent rant on blog Out of the Jungle, Betsie McKenzie calls for action in getting student workers (and, subsequently, law librarian) salaries up. See: Out of the Jungle: Library Rant. She says:

I do not believe that librarian salaries will significantly improve. I am royally pissed off. I do not see any significant or effective action from AALL. They are piddling around making tiny tempests in tiny teapots lest WE violate antitrust talking to each other about student worker pay levels (the student workers are not competing with each other for the positions, how can this be anti-trust?), while the salary survey shows year after year, clear evidence that university pay levels are within pennies in the same region. Isn't that how the baseball players' union busted the owners' chops for collusion? I'd like to see some action here!

She also talks about the need to negotiate hard for the best salaries possible since our subsequent salaries are based upon these first salaries. As are the industry's salaries, since everyone looks at what everyone else is paying vis-a-vis salary surveys.


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