Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Check This Out! Episode 15 - on podcasting and new logo

Jim Milles has released his latest episode of podcast Check This Out!, my second installment as Canadian correspondent. I am just in the process of listening to it, so don't have any specific comments about my own performance. I tried to bring more variety and shorter bits this time. Your feedback greatly appreciated!

I'm also interested to note that Jim recorded the opening in an "undisclosed location". He talks about some interesting developments regarding podcasting over at SUNY. As well, he interviews Matt Lubniewski, law student, about his Shady Law podcast available from iTunes as well as his blog site. They have a terrific discussion about the implications of podcasting, as to how it is so wide open for anyone to broadcast now. Key quote: "It reminds me of the Internet ten years ago."

I should also point out the terrific new logo created by Nina Cascio, International Law Librarian at University at Buffalo Law Library.

and take a look at all the cool merchandise with the logo at Cafe Press

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