Saturday, June 04, 2005

SLA Dilemma

So, I kind of wanted to attend some of this year's SLA conference. I mean, it IS in Toronto, after all. How could I not?? I could have just purchased a nominal ticket to visit the exhibit hall, but I would really like to attend sessions and see colleagues. So, I registered for the conference.

As soon as I signed up, I was immediately barraged with vendor invitations in the mail, e-mail, and even by telephone: "Visit our booth!" "Come to our demo!" "Join us for breakfast!" "Come to our reception!".

So, if I attend all of these things (or, actually, just selected ones that look of interest), my time for the actual conference will be minimal. But if I hadn't signed up, I wouldn't have been added to the vendor lists to be contacted.

I could have saved the $275 US I paid on my early bird member conference registration and just done the freebee stuff....

Plus it is all a little overwhelming. What sessions to go to? Do I have to preregister? Is there an additional cost? Is there a better session at the same time? Is there a better session on the same topic later??

It hasn't even started yet, and already I'm tired of it.... 8-)

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