Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Listserv - PRESERV-L - Preservation Needs of Law Libraries

A new listserv addressing preservation in law libraries is being created by the CALL/ACBD (Canadian Association of Law Libraries) Preservation Needs of Law Libraries Committee. The message sent out recently to the CALL-L listserv is below with instructions on joining PRESERVE-L (reprinted with permission).

Dear colleagues:

At the St. John's Conference meeting of the Preservation needs of law libraries committee I agreed to establish an open, global listserv(PRESERVE-L) for those interested in discussing preservation projects, problems, and issues (print, digital or multi-media). The only restriction to this list is that you must subscribe to post messages and receive postings. I do not intend to maintain an archive unless there is demand...I depend on those interested to archive those postings which they feel are of interest to them.

I would ask that those of you who belong to other lists where there would be an interest in preservation issues, please forward this message on.

To Subscribe, please send the following email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UNB.CA

subscribe PRESERVE-L.

Omit your signature and DO NOT ENTER A SUBJECT LINE.

If you have problems subscribing to the list please contact me

C. Anne Crocker
Law Librarian
Gerard V. La Forest Law Library
University of New Brunswick

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